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 Hero Quest???

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PostSubject: Hero Quest???   Fri Apr 24, 2009 5:10 am

Hero Quest

The grand quest propelled by the main story of ROSE Online.

The Hero Quest consists of various quests which will reveal the story that encompasses the Seven Hearts universe, and requires users to play for a long time in order to complete.

Chapter 1 : The Lost Children & Soul Crystal
This first chapter of the Hero Quest starts automatically after a player has completed one of the job change quests. Arua's Fairy will tell the player of some strange occurrences and directs them to speak with Francis in the Canyon City of Zant.

Chapter 2 : Mysterious Mushrooms
You are to investigate mysterious mushrooms in the Adventurer's Plains.

Chapter 3 : Strange Man
This quest is also known as the Man in the Red Robe

Chapter 4 : Meeting Goddess Arua
Arua's Fairy contacts you again after you finish the Man in the Red Robe quest. She says that Arua wants to meet you, but it's dangerous. She sends you off to Francis in Zant in search of a sure-way that Arua can meet you without fear. He, in turn, tells you about the Holy Staff of Junon and sends you off to Belz in Breezy Hill to look for the Holy Staff.

Chapter 5 : Who's to Blame?
You're trying to find out who's the actual culprit in making the animals turn evil and getting people sick

Chapter 6 : Suspicion
You are trying to help Harin, who has lost her fiance Alex and is trying to bring him back to life.

Chapter 7 : Stopping Shroon's Research
You are trying to stop Shroon from making more zombies
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Hero Quest???
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