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 Quest Hero - Chapter 3

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PostSubject: Quest Hero - Chapter 3   Fri Apr 24, 2009 4:24 pm

Chapter 3 - Strange Man

Step 1 - Info from Arua's Fairy
- Arua's Fairy has directed you to Sharlin, whom may have seen something strange around Zant Village recently.
- Visit Sharlin and get the clues from her.
- Sharlin's Location : 5130, 5216 (Zant Village)

Step 2 - The Man in the Red Robe
- Sharlin saw a group of people in red robes hang around
- Luth and then head towards the Valley of Luxem Tower.
- Perhaps Karitte in Luxem Tower was able to see them.
- Visit Karitte in Valley of Luxem Tower.
- Karitte's Location : 5115, 5385 (Valley of Luxem Tower)

Step 3 - The Man in the Red Robe
- According to Karitte, the man in red robes were doing something with Pomics.
- Kill at least 10 Pomics to see if you can find any clues.
- Pormics Location : 5454, 5335 (Valley of Luxem Tower)

Step 4 - The Man in the Red Robe
- You found a red piece of paper that looks like some strange language is written on it.
- Maybe Karitte would have a better chance at reading this?
- You got Red Paper (1)
- Head back to Karitte to translate the Red Paper.

Step 5 - The Man in the Red Robe
- It looks like Herune infected the Pomics in the same way he infected the children.
- This needs to be stopped right away! However, you need to be able to tell which
- Pomics have been infected.
- Go and Hunt 5 Infected Pomics.
- Tips of Hunting Infected Pomics
- 1. Wear some charm gears.
- 2. Keep Killing only the normal "Pomics"

Step 6 - The Man in the Red Robe
- There shouldn't be any more Infected Pomics running around.
- It's time to return to Karitte

Step 7 - The Man in the Red Robe
- Karitte said that Myad might know more about Herune.
- Go and visit Myad in Adventurer's Plain one more time.

Step 8 - The Man in the Red Robe
- Myad recommended investigation the area around the
- infected mushrooms to find more clues about Herune.

Step 9 - The Man in the Red Robe
- You found a strange symbolic necklace that might have belonged to Herune.
- Hopefully, Myad might be able to recognize it.
- You got Symbolic Necklace (1)

Step 10 - The Enigmatic Ikaness
- Myad has said that the necklace is a symbol of the Ikaness.
- Mairard, one of the Akram Minister's might know more about the Ikaness.
- You got Symbolic Necklace (1)
- Mairard's Location : 5150, 5333 (Adventurer's Plain)

Step 11 - The Enigmatic Ikaness
- Mairard wants you to deliver his letter to Gorthein, Elder of the Junon Order.
- Peron will guide you to the city of Junon Polis.
- You got Mairard's Letter (1)
- Gorthein's Location : 5325, 5100 (City of Junon Polis)
- Peron's Location : 5900, 5306 (Adventurer's Plain Boat Harbor)

Step 12 - The Enigmatic Ikaness
- Gorthein wants you to deliver this Small Wooden Box to Mairard, the Akram Minister.
- Itz will guide you to the Adventurer's Plain.
- Itz'z Location : 5600, 5034 (City of Junon Polis Boat Harbor)
- You got Small Wooden Box (1)
- Return to Mairard in Adventurer's Plain and claim your rewards:
- You have been rewarded with Junon Mask (Charm +7 | Attack Power +5)
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Quest Hero - Chapter 3
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