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 Quest Hero - Chapter 2

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PostSubject: Quest Hero - Chapter 2   Fri Apr 24, 2009 7:14 am

Chapter 2 - Mysterious Mushrooms

Step 1 - Info from Arua's Fairy
- Arua's Fairy has asked you to investigate a man clad in a red robe. She's mentioned that something may happen in the Adventurer's Plain, so you better go and speak to Myad.
- Visit Myad in Adventurer's Plain.

Step 2 - Dreadful Epidemic
- Myad recently told you about the epidemic in the village and said that
- Seyon might be able to help to you learn more about it.
- Seyon's Location : 5880, 5420 (Adventurer's Plain)

Step 3 - Dreadful Epidemic
- Seyon said that the Mushrooms started to rot after a group of suspicious
- people garbed in red were camping near them. Let's search the area around
- the mushrooms for clues.
- Rotten Mushrooms Location : 5410, 5525 (Adventurer's Plain - North)

Step 4 - Dreadful Epidemic
- You discovered this peculiar emblem near the mushrooms. You better show this to Myad.
- You got Enigmatic Emblem (1)

Step 5 - Dreadful Epidemic
- After visiting Myad, you were told to meet Karitte at the Tower of Luxem Valley
- to see if she knows more about the strangers garbed in red.
- Go visit Karitte, Quickest way to her is using the Zant Scroll and then ride to the Valley of Luxem Tower.
- Karitte's Location : 5115, 5385 (Valley of the Luxem Tower)

Step 6 - Healing Hands
- Karitte said that the epidemic is actually a curse. An antidote needs to be created,
- so you'll have to collect 10 Pumpkin Seeds for Karitte.
- You can get the seeds from Elder Pumpkins.
- You got Pumpkin Seed (10)

Step 7 - Healing Hands
- You have to complete this quest before the Soil of Purification and Antidote lose their effectiveness.
- You better place the Soil of Purification around the mushrooms and bring the antidote to
- Myad before time runs out!
- You got Soil of Purification (1)
- You got Antidote (2)
- Take the Soil of Purification to the mushrooms first. Walk around the mushrooms few times.
- Soil of Purification has been taken (1)

Step 8 - Healing Hands
- Myad has asked you to save Pony and Ronk. You're running out of time,
- so you have got to bring the antidote to them quickly.
- Once you bring the antidote. Return to Myad.
- Pony's Location : 5860, 5430 (Adventurer's Plain - Near Boat Harbor)
- Karitte's Antidote has been taken (1)
- Ronk's Location : 5139, 5304 (Adventurer's Plain - Town)
- Karitte's Antidote has been taken (1)

Step 9 - Healing Hands
- Once you have place the Soil of purification around the mushroom and given the antidote to Pony & Ronk.
- Head back to Myad to collect your reward.
- You have been rewarded with Adventurer's Beret.
- You have been rewarded with Adventurer's Jeans.
- You have been rewarded with Adventurer's Gloves.
- You have been rewarded with Adventurer's Shoes.

(Realtime Quest - 30 Minutes)
Step 7 to Step 9 - U ned do in 30 Minutes
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Quest Hero - Chapter 2
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