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 Hero Quest - Chapter 1

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PostSubject: Hero Quest - Chapter 1   Fri Apr 24, 2009 6:58 am

Chapter 1 The Lost Children & Soul Crystal

Step 1 - Message from Arua's Fairy
- Arua's Fairy has asked you to investigate ominous stranger whom may be from another planet.
- Francis from Zant Village seems to know something about an incident that is related to these mysterious stranger.
- Visit Francis in Zant Village and get the next quest.

Step 2 - Lost Children
- According to Francis, Children in Zant has recently been missing.
- You should talk to one of their relatives: Cornell, Lena, Keenu.
- Remember: Each person gives away different types of rewards at the end of the Quest.
- Cornell's necklace +4 or +7STR necklace
- Lena's earring +4 or +7DEX earring
- Keenu's earring +4 or +7INT earring.
- Visit your desired quest person.

Step 3 - Lost Children (Quest Person - Lena)
- Lena's little sister, Shirley, is one of the children who has disappeared.
- For now, you should speak to Lampa the Livestock Farmer who is north of Zant.
- Livestock Farmer Lampa's location : 5109, 5365 (Canyon City of Zant - North)

Step 4 - Lost Children
- A few days ago, Lampa saw a red robed man carrying something outside of the Village.
- It's possible that Shirley was kidnapped, so search outside of the village for more clues.
- Lena's Sister - Shirley's location : 5500, 5274 (Canyon City of Zant - Outside)
- Cornell's Grandson - Cheney's Location : 5437, 5490 (Canyon City of Zant - Outside)
- Keenu's Daughter - Arisa's Location : 5426, 5083 (Canyon City of Zant - Outside)

Step 5 - Lost Children
- Shirley definitely turned into a monster because that red robed man forced her to take that pill.
- Now, all that's left is this Soul Crystal. You better tell Lena about all this.
- You got Soul Crystal (1)

Step 6 - Soul Crystal
- Speak again to Lena…
- It's too early to give up on these Children! Talk to Spero to see id there's a way to save them.
- You got Soul Crystal (1)

Step 7 - Soul Crystal
- Spero said that saving the children isn't possible through science, but perhaps magic could provide a solution.
- You should go and visit Tryteh right now.
- You got Soul Crystal (1)

Step 8 - Soul Crystal
- Tryteh isn't sure if she can save those children, But she will try her best.
- Help her create some potions by gathering 10 HoneyBee Wings, 5 Mini Bee Stingers and 10 Woopie Fangs.
- You got HoneyBee Wing Powder (10)
- You got Mini Bee Stinger (5)
- You got Woopie Fang (10)
- Once gathered all the necessary good. All your gathered goods will be taken by Tryteh.

Step 9 - Soul Crystal
- Speak again to Tryteh…
- Is saving the children still possible. At any rate, all you can do is wait for Tryteh.
- What are you going to say to Lena
- Go see Lena for one last time and collect your reward (Lena's Earring +4 or +7 Dexterity).
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Hero Quest - Chapter 1
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