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 Luna Quest 1

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PostSubject: Luna Quest 1   Sun Apr 26, 2009 8:13 pm

Luna Quest: Est, The Wounded Shamist
Availability: Level 81
Approximate Time Needed to Complete: 1 hour @ level 81, higher levels may be able to complete this quicker.
Open to ALL Classes

I highly recommend the use of the Eucar Return Scrolls to make this quest go faster.

Talk to: Pabel to start the quest. You must be at least a level 81 to get this option.

Part 1: Est, The Wounded Shamist

Step 1
Pabel is worried about Est, who has been wounded by monsters. He has asked you to check on her in his stead.
->Use the Field Warp to travel to Crystal Snowfields
->Talk to Est.

Step 2
Est has told you that she has been having trouble investigating the reason as to why the monsters on Luna have gone berserk lately. She has asked you to enlist the aid of Olleck Basilasi, a practitioner of the mystic arts.
->Talk to Olleck Basilasi. He is the Arumic Prophet where you save your respawn point in Luna.

Step 3
Olleck Basilasi asked you to bring him Monster Samples by Hunting 20 slags to find out the reason behind the monsters' madness.
->Go kill 20 slags and after the 20th slag you kill, you get the Monster Sample. Go back and talk to Olleck Again

Step 4
Olleck Basilasi says that he needs the Goblet of Purgation to dissolve the monster sample with his magical power. You should go to Pavrick to get the Goblet of Purgation.
->Go talk with Pavrick (the Luna "Smith")

Step 5
Pavrick says he can't make anything without a drink. It's weird, but you better go to Anzhelika and get a bottle of Vodka.
->Talk to Anzhelika (the Luna Tavern Owner) She gives you the bottle of vodka to give to Pavrick.

Step 6
Hurry up to Pavrick! Why does he need vodka to begin work? In any case, you'd better hurry.
->Take the bottle of Vodka to Pavrick. Pavrick gives you the Goblet of Purgation.

Step 7
Now bring this Goblet of Purgation to Olleck Basilasi. Hopefully, it works…
->Go Talk to Olleck Basilasi.

Step 8
Olleck Basilasi has learned that a viral toxin is causing the monsters on Luna to behave erratically. You better go to Est and let her know about this.
->Use the Field Warp to travel to Crystal Snowfields
->Talk to Est.

Step 9
Est has asked you to investigate the monsters that attacked her earlier. Defeat 15 Wolves and bring them to Est.
->Kill 15 Wolves and get the Wolf's Skin and go back to Est.

Step 10
Est now wants you to bring back Blood Samples by killing 15 Elder Slags.
->Kill 15 Elder Slags to get the Blood Samples and go back to Est

Part 2: Beserk Monsters

Step 11
Unfortunately, Est was infected by the viral toxin when she was attacked by the wolves. Although she's able to resist the toxin using her shamanic power, you can't waste any time. Go and Ask Illiya if similar situations have happened on other planets.
->Go talk with Illiya (Station Guide where you arrive from the ship from Junon)

Step 12
According to Illiya, there was a similar case involving this strange infection occurred on Junon. Eliot happens to have an official report on the incident, so you should learn what you can from him.
->Go talk to Eliot (Akram Ambassador in Luna)

Step 13
Eliot says that a cure for this peculiar sickness was never found. You better inform Est.
->Go back and talk to Est.

Step 14
Est has asked you to deliver her report on the poisoned monsters to Pabel.
You receive zulie at this point. U will received zulie. Not sure how much u will get but i think its depends on ur charm.
->Go back and talk to Pabel.

Part 3: Viral Host

Step 15
Pabel added some personal comments and suggestions on Est's Report which might be of some help.
->Go back to Est, yet again….

Step 16
You have to take the Gene Sample from the Mini Mammoths, as suggested by Pabel. Hunt Mini Mammoths and bring the Gene Sample to Pabel.
->Hunt Mini Mammoths until you get the Gene Sample.
->Go back to Pabel.

Step 17
Pabel says that he needs the advice of Olleck Basilasi to figure out the source of the viral toxins.
->Go talk with Olleck Basilasi.

Step 18
According to Olleck Basilasi, all the Mammoths Monsters are hosts of the viral toxin. You should report this to Est.
->Go back and talk to Est.

Part 4: Wiping Out the Poisoned Mammoths

Step 19
Following Pabel and Olleck Basilasi's suggestions, Est asked you to bring her a mammoth Sample by hunting the mammoths which live around the Freezing Plateau.
->Hunt Mammoths in the Freezing Plateau.
->Once you have the Mammoth Sample, go back and talk to Est.

Step 20
Est is sure that the Poisoned Mammoth is the source of the epidemic. Bring her the Blood of Poisoned mammoth and she might be able to extract some kind of anti-virus.
->Go back to Freezing Plateau and Fight Poisoned Mammoths until you get the Blood Sample.
->After you get Blood of a Poisoned mammoth, return to Est for the last time… yay!
-> U finish now !!!! (Full Moon Necklace)

->Full Moon Necklace (12 Defense)
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Luna Quest 1
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