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 Staff Members [In-Game Names]

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PostSubject: Staff Members [In-Game Names]   Tue May 19, 2009 3:43 pm

Ok! Just wanted to make sure....

..Some Crew Members are changing their own Character name(in-game) Different from their name on forums.. So,to Remove this Confusion I Recommend to make a list of GM names in forum and their "Current" in game name or their Character..

Here are some:

Forum Name: ---- Character Name(in-game):

Haseo - [Not Changed]

Yusei - [GM]NanjoKoji/Roxas/Riku/Axel

Portwolf - [Not Changed]

ayie xD - [Not Changed]

GeForce - [GM]Storm

Scooby - [Not Changed] u noticed many on the list named [NotChanged] they are still using the same name as on the forums...

If a Crew member wants to change his/her name,i recommend to ask the Admins to do it for them and Update their in-game names here!.. king

-If i missed something Don't hesitate to edit this topic... Very Happy
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Staff Members [In-Game Names]
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