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 GM STORE PRICE LIST (Will be updated regularly)

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PostSubject: GM STORE PRICE LIST (Will be updated regularly)   Sun Apr 26, 2009 12:56 am

Hello all I am Admin Yusei and NanjoKoji, a resident Help Desk Admin and GM here appointed by Haseo.

This is the GM Store Price List here you will find the price of certain items.

All Items will be sold at Refine +3!


Level 100 - 8mil (Full Set) and 2mil Each
Level 140 - 32mil (Full Set) and 8mil Each
Level 160 - 40mil (Full Set) and 10mil Each
Level 180 - 100mil (Full Set) and 25mil Each


Level 100 - 5mil
Level 180 - 15mil
Level 200 - 25mil

Shields And Magic Shields

All Shields to Mighty Shield - 2mil
Silver Heart & Vivor - 5mil

All Magic Shields to Eye Of the Storm - 2mil
Orb Of Rage & Orb Of Abyss - 5mil


Original Wings - 2mil
Worm/Astrot - 10mil
Seraph Wings - 40mil


Original Masks - 4mil
Ego - 20mil

Gems[7] - 2mil Each

Garnet = Dex+20
Ruby = str+35
Topaz = int+35
Peridot = attack speed+25
Sapphire = con+35
Emerald + sen+35

Accessories 40mil (Full Set) and 14mil Each

Skillbooks - 2k Each only if the NPC isn't working.

Donation Items/Mall Items

The cost of the Mall Items will vary on Items.

Castle Gears

ArchAngel Wings and Pumpkin Wings (Both Black, White and Pumpkin Wings) will be the GM wings of Choice. If non GM is seen with the ArchAngelWings (Both Black, White and Pumpkin Wings) they will get a warning to sell the wing to the NPC. If they do not sell it then they will get a ban.
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GM STORE PRICE LIST (Will be updated regularly)
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