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 Bug List (Updated Regularly)

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PostSubject: Bug List (Updated Regularly)   Sun Apr 26, 2009 12:38 am

Hello everyone I am [CoA]Yusei or better known as [GML]NanjoYusei. I am posting this thread to let you all know on what bugs that are fixed and not fixed.

Castle Gears
Clan Wars
Union Quests - All you have to do is just keep doing the quests as if it is a Fetch quest.
Job Quests

Not Fixed
Sikuku Ruins
Hero Quest - The Owl Eye (3) Not giving the Peice of Gold like it should when you kill the Aqua Captains.
Hero Quest - Failed Ambition (2) d/cs when you kill Shroon (due to Gravity not fixing it yet).
Clan Points
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Bug List (Updated Regularly)
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