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 demig0d's SM/FM Application

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PostSubject: demig0d's SM/FM Application   Sun Jun 21, 2009 1:49 am

Real Name : Kristoffer Ian

IGN : demig0d

Age : 23

Nationality : Filipino
English Fluency Level : 8/10

Rose online game experience : I've played rose online( the original ver. for 2 yrs.)
then private servers for a year.

SM/FM for rose online experience : yes, then the gave me GM access since I'm always online.

Reason to be a SM/FM : I like helping people out. I'm willing to answer almost all questions as long as I know the answer. :p and most of all, I'm dedicated w/ my work( w/c is online gaming )

Availability in game : 6-8 hrs a day

hope I get to be approved.
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demig0d's SM/FM Application
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