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 demig0d's EGM application

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PostSubject: demig0d's EGM application   Sat Jun 20, 2009 2:33 am

What Is Your IGN : xXdemig0dXx

What Is Your Account Name (Needed if accepted): demig0d

What Time Zone Are You In : GMT+8

Have You Had Experience As A GM Before : I did, but only on my own server since I did try to create one. Was able to fix some bugs and stuffs, but most of the time I always end up as a MOD to other servers because their slots are full. Shocked

Please Name At Least 3 GM Commands:
/item [itemid] [itemtype] [itemamount] [refine] [lifespan] [stats] [socket]
/give2 [character name] [itemid] [itemtype] [amount] [refine] [lifespan] [socket] [stats]
/killinrange [radius]

Why Do You Think You Should Be Picked For A GM Spot : I am a person who loves to have fun and also share it to others. once I become an EGM I'll make sure that there will be no dull moment whenever I'm online & make sure that everyone will have fun, players and admins as well.

Is This The First Server That You Have Played On : No, I played several servers before you guys. Ruff, Arua, NL, Redgie, Solar, Akram, Extreme, and others that I can't remember.

How Did You Find Out About Fantasy R.O.S.E. Online : I also came from this server some months ago but my pc went bad so I have to look for a replacement 1st, and now I'm back!

When Are You Able To Be Active : I can be active almost everyday since I don't have anything to do besides studying. let's say at from 8am- 8pm EST.

Additional Information (Put anything else you want to add in this part) :

idk. hope to see you in game!!
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demig0d's EGM application
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